Saturday, March 29, 2014

Another Reason Lauren Graham is my Heroine

My favorite actress is now my new favorite author.

I have felt a kinship with Ms. Graham since she played Loralie Gilmore on the popular show Gilmore Girls many years ago.  She was quirky, funny, and definitely marched to the beat of her own drum.  When I had Maddex at the ripe age of 20, and was thrown into single-motherhood, I had another reason to look to Loralie as a role model.  I modeled my "its you and me against the world" form of parenting by Grahams character, and although I have molded it to fit my and Maddex's personalities, I admit I would have been lost without her guidance.  

Lauren Graham has inspired me in many ways, not just through her characters, but through what little I can infer from her wikapidea personal history blurb.  I note that she is not married, cutting right through societies demand for women to find a male counterpart at an early age. She dates other funny people dedicated to their craft, who probably inspire her. It has been a personal struggle since the beginning of adulthood to justify my lack of a husband, but seeing her gracefully choose to stay single somehow makes me feel empowered.  

I have also admired how beautiful and in shape she has kept herself over the years!  She is currently 47 years old and looks like she might be 30!  So many women in "real life" use age as an excuse to let their bodies go, so I am very quick to notice women who keep it together and age gracefully.  I aspire to follow her lead into a beautiful middle age, and appear to be able to live forever!  It seems she didn't become a super popular actress until she was in her thirties, which is just another way she has defied societies rulebook!

And now, through a brief interview I encountered via Twitter, I learned that she has written a book.  When asked why she wrote it, she simply said that she wanted to do something on her own.  Basically with the attitude of "because I want to, that's why", which just happens to be the reason I give to people when approached with questions about why I write.  Immediately I bought the book on Amazon and waited anxiously for it to appear in my mailbox, which it did last night!  I'm only 20 pages into the novel, but I recognize Grahams unique voice, and I am loving her fresh take on the day to day.  I cant wait to get into these characters!  Her novel has already had me laughing out loud a couple times!


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