Saturday, March 1, 2014

This Weeks Randomness

The following is just a fun list of random things I experienced this week.  Alone neither of these things warrent its own blog post, but still they are things I'd like to share :)

1) Per a dear friends suggestion,  I started watching Scandal on Netflix.

2) Maddex started wrestling, becuase I missed the sign-ups for baseball.  He really likes it!

3) I hurt myself in Volleyball diving for the ball.  It did go over the net so WIN!

4) On my way to school I drove up next to this guy.  Made me giggle :)

5) As I get older, my skin is getting more sensitive, so I decided to try a new face wash.  Its amazing! I strongly recomend anyone with sensitive skin to check it out.

Super fun times here in Clovis! See you soon.

XOXO, Cristen


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