Wednesday, May 14, 2014

A Writers Space

The key to the act of writing is simply the ability to focus in an area where you feel comfortable letting your creativity soar.  Some feel comfortable writing in coffee shops because the chaos and warm atmosphere is ideal for them to disappear into the background.  Also being away from home is a great way to dissolve the distractions of housework.  In a public setting the people around them can be a source of inspiration when one is feeling empty, but for me it’s all too distracting.  I love to people watch, eavesdrop (I think that’s why I love reading blogs so much), and I find my mind goes in so many directions when people are around.

Example: The other day I showed up to work a half hour too early and my boss sent me next door to Starbucks to wait it out until I could clock on.  So I ordered a soy chai and took a seat by the window. Window watching is my favorite, because you can watch people in the reflection without them knowing because they just think you are looking outside.  Anyway, two women were sitting across from each other at a small table, their body language screamed ambiguous, but their dialog was all about a mutual friends problems with her son.  The words were harsh, and if I hadn’t noticed their body language I would think the conversation was definitely not one for a public atmosphere.  It got me thinking, who was this woman they were talking about? Why was her son acting out? Did her son act out a lot? Did he have a father? Who were these women? Did they have children? Did their children act out in school? Were their children grown? What were they like as children? One of the women was wearing pants when it was clearly a hot day.  Did she grow up in a strict household? Did her mother subject her to body shaming at a young age? Did either of them ever suffer from an eating disorder? Did either of them have health issues? Does one of them have cancer and she only has one more month to live??
…See what I mean? I cannot focus around people. 

For me, I do the majority of my writing in bed.  As I write this I am lying on my freshly made bed, propped up on some comfy pillows, my legs are mostly bent, and my computer is resting on my thighs.  I write in this position a lot because it is comfortable and forces me to hold still.  The problem with writing in bed is that I do everything in bed.  Since I'm living at my dad’s house right now, I basically live my whole life in my bedroom.  This is where I watch TV, eat, do projects, read,  workout, etc. I have a hard time getting focused so the idea of having a place to go to write would be so amazing.  I wanted to create a space where every time I sit down to it, I train my brain to go into writer mode.

With the semester coming to an end, and the summer promising to deliver lazy days full of free time, I decided it was time to make my dream a reality.  I cleared off a little desk just big enough for my project.  This is important because I have had large desks before and they all end up as large tables to hold my mail, magazines, and anything that doesn’t have a specific place to go.  You can’t do that on a small surface without quickly needed to fix it.  Ergo, perfect writing space.  I like things clean, a clean space is a clear mind, and so I like to keep my laptop, note pad, and something beautiful on the surface, while keeping everything else in drawers.  These two small drawers hold pencils, pens, stapler, note cards, snacks, and miscellaneous pieces of inspiration. 

Natural light shining through large windows is one of the most beautiful auras and instantly put me in a great mood.  I write better when I feel great! Setting up my little space surrounded by three large windows is ideal.  If you are thinking of setting up a writing space, I sincerely suggest doing so by a window.
The chair is important.  You don’t want your chair to be too comfortable, as you don’t want to lose focus and end up falling asleep.  But you don’t want a super uncomfortable chair either because then you would never sit in it.  And if you did then writing becomes uncomfortable and that is just no fun.  I chose a simple wooden chair that fits perfectly under the little desk, but I put a pillow on it so it’s a bit more comfortable then it should be.  I like to binge write, and I don’t like my bum going numb!
The best part is the bed is literally 2 ½ feet away, so If I'm tired of sitting upright and want to continue a project lying back on my comfy pillows, I don’t have to skip too many beats to accommodate my mood. 

Everyone’s ideal writing space is different, but if you love to write and you find yourself having a difficult time focusing, I encourage you to imagine your perfect space, and then try to create it!  Unlike an artists studio, you don't need a lot of space, as your tools are simply your notebook and a pen (or a computer), you just need to imagine a place that feels great to you!  A productive space.  Please let me know what your writing space looks like!


Sunday, May 11, 2014

The Best Mothers Day

When you have a little boy, low self-esteem be damned.  He looks at me like I am the most beautiful, intelligent, most amazing woman in the world.  He whole-heartedly believes that I can do anything, will do anything, and be the picture of grace while doing it.  That kind of love and admiration is beautiful… and motivating as I fully intend to exceed every one of his expectations.

I woke up this morning to the sunlit promise of a beautiful day shining through my window.  My cat, Ackles was curled up in a kitten ball next to my pillow (his declaration of true love), and the sound of my son playing his minecraft game down the hall.  Once I emerged from my comfortable oasis, the arms of my true love, 8 years and counting, immediately surrounded me, trapping me in the best bear hug I’ve ever felt.  “Happy Mothers Day, Mommy!” And that would have been enough to make this the best mothers day so far, but Maddex and I had plans for the whole day, which began with one bubble bath for mommy accompanied by the latest issue of InStyle!

We also decided that M&Ms would be the official mothers day candy from here on out, seeing how are initials are M and M (Maddex and Mommy).  This revelation is so appropriate as I was addicted to peanut butter M&Ms during the first half of my pregnancy.

Maddex first fell in love with Spiderman at the ripe age of 2, so going to see the new film out in theaters was an obvious task.  The movie was surprisingly funny, but also surprisingly heart-wrenching.  It kind of left me in a funky mood, but I powered through the rest of the day!

Then we settled in to do what I really wanted to do: have a painting party! We bought canvas, acrylic paint, some brushes, and decided to let our creativity flow.  I had this great idea to paint our hand prints on canvas.  This picture was taken in poor lighting, but its a really pretty gray background, my print is pink, and Maddexs is blue.  I will treasure this picture forever.

Maddex and I are both really active people, so going on a bike ride in the evening was the perfect way to end the perfect day.  Also we needed to try to burn off some of the excess calories we consumed from all those M&Ms.  We had such beautiful weather, I was prepared to go forever, but Maddexs little legs just couldnt keep up, so we went back home after about 3 miles.  

Mobil selfies are hard! 

All in all it was a really great, yet exhausting day.  As I write this I am distracted by the bottle of wine I bought earlier this week.  I want some, so with that, I leave you!


Saturday, May 10, 2014

One More Week!

Yay finals are next week! I guess I should be studying, but... oooh look a squirl.  SO much has happened these past few weeks it feels like I am sitting before you as a brand new person.  A little raw, a bit buzzed, but the general theme would be cynical.

Lets catch up:
Still doing the bikini series,

radically changed my eating habits,

broke up with my emotionally abusive boyfriend who I loved more then anything,
found out later he was hiding a cocaine addiction (now it all makes sense), and am desperately obsessed with changing up the look in my room, but have next to zero funds to do it with.  All I want to do all day long is binge watch netflix (the classics though, like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Supernatural for the 15th time) and cuddle with my soft kitten Ackles.  But guess who hates to cuddle unless its on his own terms... and those terms just happen to be when I'm sleeping.  So rude.  

I mentioned weeks ago that I wouldn't be writing here very often until after the semester is over, but I only have one more week of tests, and then its officially summer.  I have a lot of post ideas, and I cant wait to make this blog a habit again.  Honestly I miss checking in here every day and sharing stories and things I have learned.  So bear with me for one more week! Ill be back with all kinds of fun stuff!