Saturday, May 10, 2014

One More Week!

Yay finals are next week! I guess I should be studying, but... oooh look a squirl.  SO much has happened these past few weeks it feels like I am sitting before you as a brand new person.  A little raw, a bit buzzed, but the general theme would be cynical.

Lets catch up:
Still doing the bikini series,

radically changed my eating habits,

broke up with my emotionally abusive boyfriend who I loved more then anything,
found out later he was hiding a cocaine addiction (now it all makes sense), and am desperately obsessed with changing up the look in my room, but have next to zero funds to do it with.  All I want to do all day long is binge watch netflix (the classics though, like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Supernatural for the 15th time) and cuddle with my soft kitten Ackles.  But guess who hates to cuddle unless its on his own terms... and those terms just happen to be when I'm sleeping.  So rude.  

I mentioned weeks ago that I wouldn't be writing here very often until after the semester is over, but I only have one more week of tests, and then its officially summer.  I have a lot of post ideas, and I cant wait to make this blog a habit again.  Honestly I miss checking in here every day and sharing stories and things I have learned.  So bear with me for one more week! Ill be back with all kinds of fun stuff!


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