Saturday, June 20, 2015

Lets Catch Up

I'd like to buy you a cup of coffee, and catch up on all the things we have missed about each other while I have been radio silent.  SO much is different now, I feel different.  My last year in school really prepared me for my future, but it was nothing compared to what I am about to embark on.  My senior year will be full of challenges, new responsibilities, and most likely many more sleepless nights.  That is what the powers that be enjoy: sacrifices of sleep on a regular basis.  

1) I finally have been able to register for my Assessment and Medical Nutrition Therapy classes!  I passed Advanced Nutrition with an A, and I cant wait to utilize my knowledge to learn how to help people with nutrition related medical problems.  

2) I am a board member for the Student Nutrition Dietetic Association! I had to run for office and get voted in and everything!  It was all very official, but I am proud to say that I am the Social Media Chair for the 2015-2016 SNDA board!  My job is to maintain the social media outlets for the club, but I already have so many ideas about how to grow our pages, and add content suitable for the whole student body!! (not just for the nutrition department) 

3) My very best friend in school (and in town), Haley, and I have registered to attend FNCE this October! FNCE is the Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo.  Think Comic Con for dietitians and nutrition junkies.  I really am so freaking excited.  Attending FNCE has always been a bit of a distant dream, but when I found out that this year its being held over my birthday weekend, I knew we had to make it happen.  Before I could recover from my excitement, we booked plane tickets to Nashville, Tennessee, and Haley's dad got us a room at the Hilton right across the street from the venue.  This will be the best year ever!

4) I am not sitting around twiddling my thumbs this summer.  I am involved in a couple various projects for our department at school.  I will be helping prepare and market the Bulldogs in the Kitchens Woofle Mix (a high protein waffle mix sold at our on site farmers market), and I will be assisting in grant writing and research projects being overseen by our DPD Directer, and my Professor, Dr. H.  These are great experiences, and I feel so lucky to be involved.

Other new developments include the fact that I became a planner nerd!  I ordered my first Erin Condren Life Planner back in February, and have basically been attached to it ever since.  I have never been so organized in my life! It feels awesome.  

Maddex had an amazing school year, ending with a 3.2 GPA and experience in cross-country, soccer, track, and baseball.  This fall he will be in the fifth grade and really wants to play football for the school, and soccer for an outside league.  I know he can handle it, he is truly amazing.  He left to spend the summer with his dad last Friday, and my spirits haven't been as high since.  Its a struggle every year.

The truth is that I have really missed blogging, but I lost interest in blogging so much about the random things in my life.  I would like to begin to lean this blog toward content related to nutrition, wellness, and what its like being a RD2B.  Would either of you readers be interested in that kind of content? I'd also like to begin vloging more: recipes, Q&A's, food hauls... What do you think??

Have you finished your coffee yet? Do you need another? Okay, now its time for you to tell me what Ive missed!  Comments, links to your posts, etc!