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Hi! My name is Cristen.  I am a dietetic student at Fresno State University, and a single mom.  My sons name is Maddex, and he is eight years old! I have a part-time job as a driver for a pizza restaurant, which is really fun!  I have a cat named Ackles, and I love nachos.

I spent the first six years after high-school going to college part time while working various full time jobs to pay the bills.  I didn't have any direction; I worked jobs from food service to being a vault teller at a bank!  I took the classes I needed to get my general Associates Degree, but I was keenly aware that I didn't know what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.  While in the banking world, I thought for a moment that this could be it, but found myself counting down the clock to 5:00 p.m. every day! It was not the life I wanted.

In my off time, I enjoyed running, being active, and eating a ton of vegetables! In fact I became a Vegan in 2009, which lasted a year until I decided that Vegetarianism was the better choice for me.  I did so much research into food and nutrition, that when I took a nutrition course in my "last semester" it finally clicked for me.  I had found what I wanted to do with my life, and nothing was going to stop me!

Within a year, I quit my job at the bank, moved from San Luis Obispo, Ca (paradise) to Clovis, Ca (smogville) to pursue my degree in Dietetics through Fresno State University! Unfortunately I had a ton of science classes to take before I could apply to the university.  So I buckled down at Fresno City College and took my time taking classes like: chemistry, organic chemistry, microbiology, statistics, etc.  I went slow, mostly because the college was so impacted that it was hard getting more then two classes a semester, but also because I wanted to really take my time and earn A's, which I did!

Fast-forward two years, and here I am.  I’ve made it to CSUF, and I'm excited to learn more about my chosen field, find my niche in it all, and hopefully make some friends along the way!

For fun I like to spend time with my son, work out, create in the kitchen, and sometimes (When I’m in the mood), I like to shop.  I really enjoy making new friends, and going to the movies.  Mostly I really just like to laugh.  Thanks for stopping by!

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