Sunday, May 29, 2016

Old Town Clovis Farmer's Market

Summers in central California are not known for great weather and fun.  No, summers here are miserable. The weather is hot and sticky, and because there is so much agriculture in this area, it feels like there is always dirt in the air.  And the dirt sticks to you.  So you hide inside the house.  But your landlord refuses to let you turn on the air conditioner because... bills... so you take three cold showers a day and worship the ceiling fan.  

One great thing about summers in Clovis, however, is the booming Farmer's Markets.  It is so easy to eat local here, and everything is fresh.  Personally, I left the house this morning on a mission to refill the flower vase that sits by my window.  There were some very pretty bouquets to choose from.    

I also could not resist the multi-colored carrots, which are my new favorite vegetables to roast.  I looked for Brussels Sprouts to go with them, but sadly, no farmer had any.  I settled for summer squash.
The peaches and nectarines were so juicy and delicious.  I couldn't get any, but my date did, and he said that they were the best he has ever had! 
My favorite table belonged to a woman who grows organic herbs.  She was such a pleasure to talk to, and I fell hard for her dried lavender.  It came in a cute little pouch, so it was a bit more expensive then your usual dried herbs, but I didn't mind.  She promised me she would bring me some fresh lavender next week so I can try out this honey-lavender muffin recipe from the TIU plan!

It was a great morning, and we snuck out of there before it got too hot.  The Clovis, Saturday morning Farmer's Market isn't a large gathering.  There were only about 8 booths total, but each farmer grew the produce they were selling.  I recently found out that some booths at other farm markets will buy a large corporate crop's throw-outs to sell for a cheaper price.  This isn't a terrible thing, however I like to support the small farmer instead of the middle men.   

I am very much looking forward to next week's events! Except next week I get to bring Maddex! If you are in the area, I highly recommend you check it out!

xoxo, Cristen.


  1. Hey chicka. Write more posts, dammit! Geez, it's like you're busy doing a nutritionist internship or something. ;)

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