Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Bikini Series 2014

I am so excited! Since joining the tone it up nutrition plan in January I have yet officially been able to be a part of any series! When I joined, the TIU team was knee deep in the love your body series so I felt a bit late to the party. 

To prepare for the bikini series I have taken my dreadful "before" pics, began a food/workout/inspirational notebook, and have written down all the workouts and challenges for the week. Karina and Katrina have suggested dedicating each week to someone we love. For this week, everytime I finish a workout, or make a healthy choice I will think of my friend Alyssa. Alyssa is such an inspiration! She's a very good friend of mine, and I miss her very much. It was a no brainer when I decided she would be my week 1 dedication. 

An especially inspiring part of the bikini series is the daily challenges we can participate in.  On monday I was to write my goals and create a visoon board.  At first I wanted to do one on canvas with paint and printed pictures, but then I got lazy, realized Im broke, and resorted to creating one on pinterest.  You can see my Pinterest board Here :)  

Nutriton-wise I have had to wing it these past few days because Im waiting to work before I can do some decent grocery shopping.  I have been keeping up with the workouts pretty well! Im really excited to see how sucessful I can be at this challenge! If youre interested in doing it too, its not too late! sign up at toneitup.com!


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