Friday, April 4, 2014

What's Going On?

Ahh! This is the first post in almost a week! What has distracted me so severely that I wouldn't write anything for this space in such a long time? Its not for lack of material, as I look back on my week I realize Ive simply been too busy! Which is great! I enjoy being busy.  So what has been going on?

1) The time has come to finish Dexter.  I stopped after season 5, so just three more to go!

2) Grahams book Someday, Someday, Maybe has me all wrapped up in a blanket listening to the rain, devouring every word!

3) For my Food Systems Management class, I have been working on a script called Good Manager Vs. Bad Manager for our class project.

4) For my Psychology Of Criminals class, I have been working on my research paper.  The research is focused on weather or not all psychopaths had traumatic childhoods.  Its a tough paper to write.

5) DNA and RNA (enough said)

6) Admittedly, I have not been working out as much as I used to, but I have been making an effort to get back on track!  Tone it up has updated their app!  Even if you're not a member of the "plan" you can still download the APP which stores all the YouTube videos of the workouts.  Super handy.

7)  Ive been obsessed with trying to get my food situation under control. Right now I am obsessed with lots of green veggies with tuna as my protein.  Also, I am making quinoa salad this weekend!

This coming month will be very assignment-heavy.  I will be turning down many social events and work opportunities to power through in order to get the best grades possible.  This also means that I wont be able to work on my book :( But then again, that was supposed to be a summer project anyway!
What have you been up to??? “xoxo

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