Thursday, March 20, 2014

A Spring Trend I Love

For this spring/summer I have noticed a lot of new trends coming to the market (can you say crop top, eek!), and a lot of them seem very intimidating.  One that I am just loving right now is the no-denim shorts! I feel like throughout the year I am living in denim and it is not as much fun as it used to be.  So when I started seeing cloth shorts and even LACE styles I instantly fell in love!

An elastic waist band is not flattering on anyone, but if done right, I can see it might be really cute.  I also love that these shorts tend to have wider leg holes (haha, holes) so for girls with "athletic" thighs like me can give the illusion of slender legs.  Does anyone else have that problem where denim shorts hug your thighs at the seem making it look like your legs are bigger then they actually are! I feel like I'm always on the hunt for wider leg holes.

I'm also really loving the different color/patterns that are available! With a lot of denim you basically just get the one look leaving your top to do all the personality conveying! Its nice to mix it up a bit!
Plus, I'm just a romantic at heart, and how cute are these Lacy gems? 

And sequins! A causal feeling outfit can easily double as a chic night out! The summers here in Fresno are awful, but one good thing about them is night time!  It stays warm all night so living in shorts and tank tops is pretty much your only option!

I don't think I am ready yet to bare my legs to the world!  I have a few leg and booty workouts in my immediate future, but as every girl has a pair of skinny jeans that motivate them to work harder, I bought myself a pair of cute shorts to give the same effect! I cant wait to wear these this summer!

What do you think of the new trends for 2014???


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  1. "Haha, holes" made me laugh out loud. I love all of these shorts! And I have no doubt that you will rock them :)