Friday, March 28, 2014

No Sleep Makes Mommy go... something something

A few nights ago my son came to me complaining about a tooth ache.  I peered into his mouth and saw that in the back of his jaw a new tooth was trying to poke through.  I told him it was nothing to worry about, although it may be painful until it succeeds in its quest to become part of the gang, and that he wasn't particularly fond of teeth growing when he was a year old either.  The next day he came to me again complaining about a different tooth.  I told him he was fine, but gave him some children's Tylenol just for good measure.  Well by the next day he was in full blown pain.  We were sitting in the dinning room working on his school project:

Side note: How awesome is this? He had to make his own 
planet, and he decided it should have a lot of moons.  
$71 spent at the craft store later and this creation was born!

Anyway, so we were working on the project when suddenly he bursts into agony.  He was holding his cheek and crying so hard that all I could do was run to get my phone and dial his dentists number.  Thirty minutes later we were in the x-ray room at the office so they could check out what is going on in his mouth.  After another half hour we finally got to talk to the dentist.  Guess what? He couldn't see anything wrong with his teeth.  He GUESSED it was an inflamed nerve that was giving him trouble, and prescribed some antibiotics.  "OK," I said, not thoroughly satisfied, but then figured while we were there, "Also, Maddex has been complaining about one of the caps on his side tooth.  He says it wiggles when he presses his tongue to it.  I figure maybe we could get it removed since its on one of his baby teeth, and a new one will grow in its place soon enough."  Well the dentist thought I meant remove all of the caps on his teeth (there are 3), so on top of the inflamed nerve my poor little guy got THREE teeth extracted.  No pain meds were administered.  

Not a happy camper

Defiantly not a happy camper

The rest of the night was horrible.  He wanted to go to a movie at the church with his cusion, and although I wasn't thrilled about letting him, he insisted and since he had already been through so much that day, I decided to let him go.  I mean, they were just going to sit and watch a movie, whats the harm? And it was fine, he was in pain, but not so much that they needed me to pick him up early.   On the bonus side, my sister brought over Denver when she dropped my nephew over, so that was awesome!

"Hi! I love you!"

Even Ackels was okay with it.  We love this puppy!  Everything was fine until about 12:00.  I had put Maddex to bed at the normal time, and he did get some sleep, but around midnight he woke up in screaming pain.  I tried to give him more Tylenol, but it wasn't working.  He literally shook and cried in my arms all night/morning long.  I kept him home from school, and the hysterics continued.  I called the emergency line for the dentist office, but the doctor on call said it would have to wait until he was in the office.  When I finally got ahold of him, he said he couldn't prescribe pain medication because Maddex is only 8 years old.  WTF? so my baby just has to deal with the pain.  Awesome.  

Luckily around 1:00pm, Maddex finally got a bit of relief and I took him to eat soup, soft bread, and sip some hot tea.  We still hadn't slept, and both were getting cranky, but this was a nice break in the Hell we were experiencing.  He was so upset with me all night and day.  He couldn't understand why I wasn't making the pain go away, because I have always been able to in the past.  I tried to explain to him that I was doing everything I possibly could for him, but he was in pain and didn't care for reason.  It was one of the hardest times Ive had so far in motherhood.  Top 5 at least!

By the time I had to go to work I was so exhausted, frustrated, and downright bitchy.  One of my co-workers actually called me an asshole.  I was offended and told him he was bad at life.  And then he laughed so maybe we were joking, but I cant remember, its all so fuzzy.  When I got home, Maddex was still up watching TV.  He hadn't been able to eat anything while I was away so I made him some whole wheat noodles to see if I could get some starch in his tummy.  He took two bites and threatened to throw up.  I noticed he felt really hot.  The fever is actually a good sign, it means the antibiotics are working.  I gave him more Tylenol and put him to bed.  He hasn't gotten up yet, so hopefully hes out.  I should stop writing and try to get some sleep just in case he decides to unleash his pain monster again.  

Ugh motherhood.



  1. That is an AWESOME planet! Poor Maddex :( And YOU. I'm so sorry he's in so much pain! I hope it gets figured out quickly. Love you both!

  2. Ohhh tooth aches are the worst kind of pain I believe! Poor thing....try and get some rest when you can!