Monday, March 17, 2014

A Much Needed Vacation

Its no secret that I have to travel to San Luis Obispo, Ca every other weekend to pick Maddex up from his dads house, but its fairly rare that I get to actually stay the whole weekend and enjoy 90 degrees at the beach and breathe clean air!

I rolled into town at about 11:00am Saturday and immediately met up with a very old friend I used to work with back in my banking days.  Sara means a lot to me because she was one of my main cheerleaders when I decided to go back to school to study Dietetics.  She is an amazing friend, but literally the same month I moved to the central valley, she moved to Sacramento, and so I never get to see her anymore.  Somehow the stars aligned, and we just happened to be in SLO on the same day, so we took advantage and went for a hike up Madonna mountain!

The hike lasted a while, but there still wasn't enough time to fully catch up, so when Sara had to get on the road back to Sacramento, I nearly cried.  After she left I went to the computer store to get my Mac looked at.  Its been running slow lately, and as it turns out after I upgraded all my software my memory GB was now tapped out.  So for a small(ish) fee, I had them upgrade the memory, and now she runs like a dream again!  While this was happening, I contacted my very good friend Monica and she came to meet me! After we were done at the computer store, we went downtown and shopped around a bit.  Somehow we ended up at CPK for drinks!  Its not really that surprising, drinks is what we do.

Around that time my dearest friend Juliette invited us over to watch Catching Fire and eat Chipotle and drink wine! Of course we accepted because there was wine!  Plus we are all super book nerds and love all things Harry Potter, LOTR, and The Hunger Games.  So we met up with Juels at Target to raid the shelves of candy and booze before heading to Chipotle to flirt our way through the burrito bowl line, and took everything back to Juliette's cute little apartment to sit down and enjoy the good life for about 3 hours! Nights like these are my idea of fun: great friends, good movie, amazing food and getting tipsy! Sign me up!

Oh, and I have I mentioned that Juliette is one of my absolute, all time, favorite people in the whole wide world? Can you say soul mate? We both read magazines from back to front, so, you know, that's solid proof!

Juliette enjoys her sleep so she kicked us out by the time it was nearly 11:00pm.  I drove Monica back to her car by the computer store, and we sat for an hour talking and talking... and talking! I love her because she has so much to say!  She left around midnight, but not before I could give her a ginormous hug! I miss her so much!

Afterward, I went to my friend Amy's house to crash.  Amy wasn't in town this weekend, but she was really sweet and let me use her room so I wouldn't have to sleep in my car, lol.  That's one of the best parts of having amazing girlfriends, they are always down to help you out!  She left behind her dogs, Diesel and Mac-Attack, two ginormous Mastiffs who like to cuddle.  I was a bad friend and let Diesel up on the bed to cuddle with me all night.  I only had a sheet to sleep with so he kept me warm! I mean, whats a girl to do? I cant wait to get a dog, I have never felt so safe in my entire life!

When I woke up the next morning I gathered my things and packed up the car.  Then I drove back over to Juels house and we went for a nice workout in Avila.

The workout was super fun, and I am so excited that Juliette is getting into running! I love to run, and I have seen some amazing results in my health since I began, so to hear (and see) one of my best friends get into it really makes me excited!  One of the things I love so much about Juliette is she can do anything she wants to.  There is no sense of "I can't" in her world, as there shouldn't be!  I also feel lucky that I get to go with her to run sometimes!

Shortly after our workout it was nearly time to leave.  I picked up my Maddex and we headed away from the sun and back to stupid Clovis.  I really needed that mini-vacation though, and I am so glad I got to spend it with some amazing friends!

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  1. I had a blast with you this weekend!! I'm so glad you came down and you are an inspiration to me when I run/hike!!! Thank you for your support of me, always. I am so so so blessed by your best friendship and I love you!!

  2. Thank you for linking up, my doll! I adore your blog (and Jay, too!). Chipotle and wine? Perfection!