Sunday, July 6, 2014

Things I will Never Do

I thought I would have trouble writing this post because I have a very "down for anything" kind of personality.  As I started to list things out I realized that everyone has their limits.  Here are a few of mine:

~Bungee jumping
I have sky dived before, and it was amazing fun.  Jumping off of a bridge with a rubber band attached to my ankles just isn't going to happen.  Its not just the falling, its the bouncing back up and smacking my head on something that terrifies me.  And then back down... and then up again.. NO THANKS!

~Run a full Marathon
I run half marathons, and it takes me 3 whole days to recover after every race.  Just thinking about running the full Marathon makes my knees ache.

~Ask out a crush
I don't ask out boys anymore.  If he likes you, (or me), he will make the first move.  Otherwise he just doesn't like you that much, and even if he says "yes" you will always be the one in the relationship who likes the other one more.  I hate being that person. Side note: a "shy" guy is just a boy who hasn't grown his man-balls yet.

~Walk in east Fresno at night- hello, I value my life

~Make anyone feel worthless
Why??? What is the point?  Making someone feel bad doesn't solve anything.  Every time I see someone I try to make them feel awesome.  I do this because its way more fun to lift someone up then to bring them down.

~Enjoy the presence of snakes
They are beautiful, but they make my skin crawl.  I can logically appreciate them, but if I see one something deep inside of me rejects the sight and makes me jump and my skin crawl.  Every. Time.

~Screech at the sight of a rodent and want to kill it 
Save our fury friends, just put them outside by the dumpster- its their utopia!

~Give up on my goals
Life is too short to give up.

~Let my son live with out me
His dad has taken me to court SO MANY TIMES trying to get custody.  It never works.  My son is my best friend, my legacy, my life.  You just cant separate us.

~Join roller derby _bitches be crazy
I'm afraid of angry chicks.

~Stalk Jensen Ackles, but only because he is happily married.




  1. Yes! Right on with the no asking boys out one - one if the perks if being female is not having to do that, in my opinion!

  2. I absolutely want to run a half marathon one day but there is noooo way I could ever run a full!

    I totally have the same thoughts on bungee jumping - whenever I watch it on tv I cringe waiting for them to snap back and hit their heads. No bueno

  3. I wish I could run a half a marathon but I don't think I will ever be able to do that! Good on you for holding on to your son x

  4. I love your list. I am with you on asking out a crush. And stalking Jensen Ackles but only because he is married LOL.

  5. Great list, I would never enjoy doing some of them as well!

  6. I love your list... but when did you skydive?? HOW COME I HAVEN'T HEARD THIS STORY BEFORE?? Or did I and I just totally forgot???