Thursday, July 10, 2014

Summertime Love

My favorite part of summer is the whole no classes thing.  Anyone in college can understand.  A whole three months of no due dates is pretty awesome.  That being said, I am not a summer bunny like most girls.  I don't own 30 bikinis, enjoy hot weather, or necessarily like sand. (that stuff gets everywhere)

I will say that I want to be one of those girls though.  I sometimes fantasize about being my perfect weight (almost there), bouncing around on the beach in cutoffs and a cute top, while eating ice cream during the day, and spending hot summer nights with hot guys and cold beers.  Oh wait, I don't live in Avila Beach (sad day).  That is just not my reality.

To push myself into being optimistic I have acquired a list of actual summertime awesomeness that does correlate with my reality:

//More work hours = more money
Beefing up the savings account makes me giddy.  Or having the extra money to fix up my spaces in the house is really refreshing too.

//Being able to read fiction rather then textbooks
During the school year I actually feel guilty to read anything other then homework related material.  Its really sad.

//Have I mentioned how much I like naps?
I have more time for naps during the summer, because, well, no homework.

//My dad has a pool, so twice a month I float out there for about 30 minutes, until the sunlight utterly exhausts me.
Floating can feel really nice, but I seriously don't like being in the heat for long periods of time.  I'd rather be bundled up on a cold rainy day.

//Night runs!
During the summer I can't wait for the sun to go down so I can run.  I hate treadmills and running outside is way less boring, but impossible during the day.  At night, there is a cool breeze, and no one is out there to bother you.  No awkward waves, no heat rashes, and when you stop to pet someones outside cat, no one judges you.  I love night runs.

//Road trips
Every summer I take at least one road trip! Last year it was to Huntington Beach to visit one of my best friends.  The year before that the same friend and I went to Prescott AZ.  So much fun.  I haven't been anywhere this year yet, but my friend Monica wants to go to Yosemite, so we might make a trip out of that.

//More free time
A final note: summer time has longer days.  There is more time to do all the things you want to do! Weather that be napping, reading, being with friends, or playing at the beach, spending countless hours in the pool.  All that sunshine genuinely makes people happy, and being around happy people is always more fun!

Tell me all about your summer, and how awesome it is!



  1. That is one thing I miss about being in college, summer breaks. Why cant work places do that?

    1. Im aware once I graduate the game will change :( but I have a couple teacher friends who still really enjoy summer breaks... holidays, etc. Lucky bastards :) lol

  2. Omg I wish workplaces did summer breaks. That's one of the things I miss most from college! Oh, and naps are always amazing - any time of the year :)

  3. I completely agree about the reading fiction thing! After all the textbooks, journals, syllabi, I'm just ready for some trashy magazines, books, and nonsense!

  4. I love reading but you are flippin crazy not liking to lay out in the pool!! :-p