Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Take A Look Into My Reality!

For today's prompt we are supposed to share what we are currently experiencing! I'm excited to participate, because I am secretly hoping that once I share whats going on over here, you will comment and share whats going on over where you are! Ready, Set, Lets do this!!!

Currently I am...

Reading:  I started The Maze Runner by James Dashner recently, although I haven't gotten very far in it yet! Today I ordered Happy To Be Alive, Because by Chelsea Jacobs, whose blog I absolutely adore! Once I receive that book in the mail, I will most likely push Mr. Maze Runner aside to devour Chelsea's book!

Writing:  I am working on my first novel! Yay! This is my first huge piece of fiction, and I am desperately trying to get the first draft done before the school semester begins!

Listening to: A Song Of Ice and Fire, book 5: A Dance With Dragons by George Martin courtesy of Since my break up, its been difficult for me to listen to music.  Love songs make me sad, break up songs make me sad, its just a pile of sadness.  So while giving myself some space from the romantic ballads, I have been enjoying listening to epic journeys!

Thinking about: Disconnecting from TV for a while.  I honestly feel like it is the main cause for my writers block.  Also for my productivity block.  Netflix is my comfort food.

Smelling:  How stuffy my bedroom is!  Since its over 100 degrees over here in the central valley of California, I cannot keep my window open 24/7.  My bedroom also faces the sun all day long, so naturally, its the hottest room in the house.  Its just a stuffy, miserable existence, and I cant wait for fall!

Wishing: That my super attractive new co-worker wasn't an entire decade younger then me! In addition to being super hot, turns out hes really a great guy, and I'm like "your parents lied to you, you were born in '84 not '94!" Damn it!

Hoping: That Ackels will eventually turn into a lap cat.  I tried to cuddle him during nap time today and he kept getting up, walking away, and then falling back to sleep.  What a jerk!

Wearing: Shorts and tank tops.  Its so hot here that just the thought of pants warrants a cold shower.

Wanting: Another 3 months of no school or stress! Like a longer summer without it actually being summer.  I know what you're thinking: take a semester off school! No, I can't, because the way my program is set up, that would put me back an entire year.  ...Ain't nobody got time for dat!

Loving: My baby boy, Maddex, and missing him like CRAZY!!

Needing: To start going to some of the classes offered at my gym.  I always say I am going to, but then I chicken out, because, social anxiety.


  1. I wasn't a huge fan of the Maze Runner series. I read all three books but I kind of had to force myself to get through them! But did you know they're making them into a movie? I think it comes out later this year and it looks pretty interesting. Ugh, I would die in that heat. It's only like 80ish here but it's really humid and just gross. I break into a sweat sometimes when I'm just walking up the stairs to my room!

  2. Found you on the link up!!! Hahaha I love that you are wishing your co-worker was 10 years old!!! OMG 1994 makes me feel so old---and I'm only 9 years older!!!


  3. I understand about the social anxiety in gym classes !! I am the same way! Can't do it. haha :p

  4. Oh, I think the worst part about getting older is that younger people are also getting older to remind you of it! I remember going to a Dunkin Donuts with my old high school hoody on, and the cashier mentions she's from a rival school that hadn't even been built when I went there. "Sorry, I guess I'm your enemy." Nope, it's worse. You didn't even exist then!

    My dog isn't good with cuddling either. As soon as you stop petting him, he moves away. Pets, they're just using us!

  5. Is the maze runner good?? I've bought it but I'm in the middle of ... oh like 100 books!! lol! SO...needless to say I haven't started it. :)