Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Re-Opening The Door

Recently, things got rough... and then they got quiet... slowly they got better.  I sit before you a stronger, healthier, happier girl, and I am glad to re-open the doorway to the blogging world.  The truth is I have missed this.  This writers space where I can throw down every thought that comes to mind, and share my little stories with everyone.

I did not finish the Bikini Series 2014 like I wanted to.  My life kind of fell apart right as last semester ended.  I wont bore you with (all) the details, but a large part of me was broken.  I took down the blog because I felt that I needed to be in a more private place in order to heal.  I shut myself off from the world in more ways then one, really only seeing people through my job.  I don't work very much either, so that wasn't even a huge burden.

Through being a total introvert I began to heal.  I sewed up what remained of my broken heart, and slowly rediscovered who I really am on the inside.  I felt that I spent soooo long trying to be someone worthy of someone else, and lost sight of who I really was.  So beginning to notice my true self coming back was like being reunited with an old, very great, friend.  After finding her again, I spent some time with her reconnecting.  I forgot how awesome she was, and how much I truly don't need to change for someone else at all.  Slowly the self respect started to come back with a vengeance.  I will never tolerate being around anyone who makes me feel bad about myself.  Ever.  And that is okay :) I will never be mean, or rude, because that is not who I am, but if I ever find myself in a situation where someone is threatening my self respect I will politely walk away.  How freeing is that? Its so simple.  Oh these lessons you are supposed to learn when you are young! I suppose I am lucky to be learning them later in life, because that must mean that I spent my younger years surrounded by lovely people who supported me 100%.  That must be why they are all still a part of my life.

In fact, one of my BFF's Juliette has a great blogger following, and she is involved in the "Blog Every Day In July" link up and strongly encouraged me to get involved as well.  So I will be starting that tomorrow! 

In the meantime, I'm Happy to be back and in the swing of things! I have missed this so much!


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