Thursday, July 3, 2014

Getting Uncomfortable

Admittedly I haven't done a lot this year to actively get out of my comfort zone, in fact Ive been doing every thing I can to find and then rest in my comfort zone.  But that was then and this is now.  For my major I have to have a certain amount of volunteer hours completed doing something related to the field of dietetics.  I am a very shy person, so going out and finding volunteer work is something I have been putting off... for a while.

On Sunday my sister came over with her family to swim in the pool.  As we were lounging waterside she asked me how I have been spending my time off from school.  I told her that I have been hiding in my room, sleeping 18 hours a day, and basically turning into a cat.

Kim: Don't you need to be volunteering?
Me: Yeah
Kim: Have you applied anywhere?
Me: Not Yet.
Kim: Well you need to.  Do you have any idea where you want to work for free?
Me: Yeah; either the blood center or WIC
Kim: Why haven't you applied yet?
Me: I dunno.
Kim: Tomorrow... tomorrow you go apply.
Me: But-

So Monday rolls around, and I'm like, "Ouch, my stummy hurts.  I don't want to be productive, meow." (rolls over and falls back to sleep)

Note: Stummy- the marriage of the two words "stomach" and "tummy"

But then Tuesday I got up and took a shower, washed my hair, dried it, CURLED IT!, Put on make-up (who is this person?) and actually got dressed in real clothes (read: not yoga pants).  I put on my smiley face and marched myself right up to the front doors of WIC.  I talked to the supervising RD and she handed me a packet to fill out.  I should start somewhere in mid July :) NAILED IT!

It was 9:45 in the morning and I needed more food.  I went to the store and got to flirt with the really cute guy who works there (I have had a major crush on him for a while now).  He was like "you're here too early" then I bantered back "no, you're here too early" then we talked about hula hooping.  That is also considered stepping outside of my comfort zone.


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  1. I know what it is like to just act like a cat. I have definitely been feeling like this lately. It is awesome that you are going to be volunteering and you got to flirt with your crush.