Tuesday, February 4, 2014

A Week Off

I went to San Luis Obispo on Sunday to pick up my little man, like I do every other weekend.  I went down a little early to visit with friends, and although the stars didnt quite align for my scheduled hike up Bishops Peak with Amy (so much rain), I was able to cuddle up to Juels and talk shop with LOTR serenading up in the background. 

She told me: You know you haven't blogged since Tuesday!
I replied: I know... its just Im consumed with all my secrets right now, so I have nothing to write about.

The minute I said it out loud I realised I really need to recommit to this space.  So instead of doing my BioChem homework, Im going to tell you all (my two readers) what has been going on lately!!!

First of all, my beloved kitty cat turned ONE on Sunday! Happy Birthday Ackles-Attackles! 
He cares so much :)

Second, I have been pretty consumed with my new obsession with Tone It Up.  Since I purchased the Nutrition Plan I have been reading it over and over, trying to get the hang of it.  Ive been taking a few days to get in the habit of the new work out schedule, and so far I have lost 2 pounds.  I started the food plan on Saturday so Im calling that a win! I woke up this morning and realized for the last three days I have consumed only clean, lean, and healthy foods.  Absolutely no processed foods or sweets have entered my system, and although I am craving some chocolate covered raisins like nobodies business, I am feeling pretty amazing!  I recently purchased the salad shaker, so now I can take my meals on the go! Ive always wanted one of these things!!

Also... one more thing... I got back together with my ex, and Im super happy about it!
Ok Bye!!


  1. HA I like how you snuck it in at the end, "I got back with my ex!" like nobody would notice. ;) ;) Love you, I'm so glad I got to see you!

  2. You are making me want to try the Toe It Up plan! Way to go lady.

    1. I HIGHLY reccomend it! Im a dietetic student at Fresno State University, so when I got the plan I looked through it with a critical eye first to make sure it was covering all the bases as far as nutrients that we need in our system. They do a wonderful job, I was impressed! Its completely safe and promotes losing fat/gaining toned muscles in the healthy way! Also, thanks for reading :) I love the support!!