Monday, February 10, 2014

Family Nights

Me, Maddex, and Denver

My mom had this great idea to get the whole family together at least once a month.  We are all pretty lucky right now to only live about an hour apart, which wont always be the case.  Sister wants to book it to Arizona ASAP, Courtney and James are going to Georgia in July for about a year, and then will be in Colorado, Jaden is moving to San Diego this summer to join the Navy, and who knows where Maddex and I will end up after I finish school.

 Me and Jaden

Dasha and Me

Our family get-togethers could be themed "food and selfies".  We always take a lot of pictures, and eat our body weight in food. This last weekend we had "build your own Tostada" night.  My sister fried up some tortillas, chicken, fish, cooked some refried beans, rice, and chopped tomatoes, avocado, cilantro, and salad greens.  She also provided cheese and sour cream.  It was a want-to-be Mexicans (me) dream! I'm still trying to be super TIU healthy, so I brought some collard greens to use instead of the tortillas, and some soy "beef" as a protein.  I didn't realize she was making fish!

 Me and Courtney

Dasha and Jaden

Even though it was super healthy, especially since I opted out of the dairy, I still ate three servings.  I was so full it was uncomfortable.  I took a walk with Courtney after dinner, but my stomach hurt so bad that we had to cut it short.  Still, it was an amazing time with family.  I love my brother so much, and his girlfriend, Dasha, is always a hoot to be around.  Sister was a bit cranky, but I tried not to take it too personally, and Mom was so happy to be around everyone.  I am going to miss every once when we all part ways again.

Courtney, Dasha, and Me

Me and Jaden (again)

Denvers Tounge

Maddex and Denver

Our next family night will be in March, and I believe I am hosting! Everyone, be prepared to eat really healthy, clean, and lean foods! I might even juice some shots!! 

XOXO, Cristen

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  1. This looks like so much fun!!! I'm glad you guys do this, family time is so important :)