Wednesday, February 19, 2014

No One Has Time For Your Low Self Esteem

Generally, writing rants isn't what I prefer to do on this blog, although its so new that really I could go in any direction!  Recently I have been confronted with many examples of other woman trying to tear other women down.  Its driving me crazy.  Listen up Bitches!

1) DO NOT hate women for being beautiful.  Everyone has a uniqueness about them, even you.  Learn what it is, and highlight it.  Oh and ITS OKAY TO ADMIT NICE THINGS ABOUT YOURSELF! When did we tell ourselves that seeing our own beauty was conceded? Its not, get over it.  Also, those women you hate on? yeah they work their asses off to look that way.  Some by working out every day and eating healthy, others by working really hard to pay for plastic surgery.  If you think you will be happier with yourself to do these things, go for it, and lets never judge.

2) Your opinion is not the only one that is correct.  So if another woman comes at you living her life completely different then you live yours, stop, open up, and learn something.  As long as they are not hurting anyone, then it is 100% okay to be supportive.  I love my best friends because they let me be EXACTLY who I am.  They never judge, tell me I'm wrong, and even when they know better, they still let me make my own mistakes and never tire of catching me when I fall.

3) When a fellow women gets ahead in her life in any way, weather its a small promotion at work, a new engagement, or even if she finally finds the perfect mascara, JUST BE HAPPY FOR HER! Genuinely.  Don't compare your life's achievements with hers, that is stupid.  Jealousy is for losers.  Don't be a loser.  Lift up your friends and loved ones! Embrace their life choices!  Its okay to let another woman's achievement inspire you to get ahead in your life, because that is a positive effect.  Let the positive energy flow sisters!

4) If you're in the habit of tearing other women down to make you feel better about yourself, then you need to stop.  This happens so often in my life.  What you need to understand is that everyone has their own walk in this life.  Even if things look great on the outside, everyone is struggling with something on the inside.  Don't make it worse.  You will only make yourself look like a catty bitch, and eventually you will have no friends... that are girls... which would be AWFUL!

5) When a fellow woman finds enlightenment, and makes positive changes in her life, DO NOT TELL YOURSELF OR ANYONE THAT IT IS JUST A PHASE.  Its not just a phase, its beautiful, and its idiotic to not try to learn how she became enlightened.  Its not nice to be unsupportive.  

I don't understand why we as women dont stick together.  Its not a competition, no one "wins".  

Id like to conclude by sending out a ginormous THANK YOU to my best girlfriends: Juels, Amy, Maria, and Dre, for always letting me be who I am, and for supporting me every step of the way.  I love you girls so much because you're all secure in yourself, lovely, unafraid, and genuine.  Don't ever change.  

XOXO, Cristen


  1. I love this. Everything is SO TRUE! One of the things I appreciate and love about you so much is how encouraging, supportive, and genuine you are about anything going on in my life. Love you.

  2. i love this so much because it's 1000000% true. women can be catty bitches but what's the point?? how does making someone feel like garbage advance you in any way? IT DOESN'T, THAT'S WHAT. all it does is poison your own heart even more.

    i'm so fortunate that i have girlfriends who are nothing but supportive and i'm the same to them...we pull together to help one another out. a friend of mine lost her job so i reached out to all of my contacts and forwarded her resume; i even went so far as to tell the guy hiring in my company that i will train her myself to sweeten the pot. another friend of hers didn't even blink or offer support. she just said: "oh, that's too bad" and that was it. that other girl always felt some kind of weird need to compete with my friend and i bet she was all smug when she heard about her job loss. WHO DOES THAT?!

    anyway, sorry for rambling. but i love this post.

    Vodka and Soda