Thursday, February 6, 2014

Secrets Of The Youthful Look

People are usually shocked when I tell them how old I am.  At first it was kind of flattering, now its mostly annoying.  Especially when they find out I have an 8 year old son.  They give me that look (you know then one like they're in the presence of a real live slut!) and ask "You got pregnant at 13?"  To which I reply: "Hell no! I was 20!"  And then their eyes get all big and the famous follow up question slips their lips, "How old are you?" ...rude, "I'm 29".

Here's the deal, I do look a lot younger then my age.  Its part genetics, I remember my mom holding her youthful flow well into her forties.  She got really sick and it shows a little, but still, for being in her 50's mom is looking pretty cute.  Barely any wrinkles! I feel lucky, but its not all about genes.  Some of it is the advice she gave me growing up, but also some tricks I have learned along the way, and below I am sharing them with you!

1) Sunscreen!
This one is super important (hence its number 1).  The sun is awesome, it is the wonderful source of energy for all of life on this earth.  It is warm, bright, and a symbol of happy days.  Its also dangerous to the skin.  It does help synthesize vitamin D when exposed to your skin, but lets always remember to wear at least 30 proof sunscreen on your face at all times.  A lot of makeup these days has it built in already, but if yours doesn't, be sure to add sunscreen to your morning routine.  ALWAYS wear heavier sunscreen on your face and shoulders when exercising outside.  To let the vitamin D do its thing, I usually don't wear sunscreen on my forearms or legs.  But if I'm going to be out for longer then 30 minutes, I will use a spray on and go have fun without worrying about it!

2) Caffeine.
This is a weird trick, but if you have ever read about those coffee face masks then you have heard this before.  I use an eye cream in the mornings with caffeine in it to help stimulate the cells and make my eyes look brighter.  It works very well.

3) Aspirin mask.
I really love to do "girls nights" with my sister, best friends, and even my boyfriend.  (its not weird) :)  During these fun times its a must to google new at home beauty treatments to experiment with.  One time I found a recipe for this aspirin mask where you crush up a handful of aspirin, and add pure aloe vera gel to it until has the consistency of a liquidy paste.  Then you spear it all over your face and let it dry.  Afterward rinse, and I like to follow it up my lathering fresh chunks of avocado on my face for another couple minutes to counteract any dryness that might be caused by the aspirin.  Once the avocado is rinsed your face will be as soft as a baby's bum, and any fine lines will be significantly reduced.  Seriously.  I'm not kidding you.  Go out and try it, you can thank me later!

4) Avocado
Speaking of avocado, its so important it gets its own bullet point.  FULL of healthy fats, it works wonders on the skin.  Make a mask out if, eat it, drink it in a smoothie, I don't care, If you want to have smooth, youthful skin, you NEED to make avocado a part of your life.  It is what it is my friends.

5) Water.
Staying hydrated is so important for your skin (as well as every other organ in your body).  When you are dehydrated, your skin shows it.  It looks dull, grayish, and a bit sunken.  I can always tell when people don't drink enough water.  And yes you have to drink it! Just laying in a bath will actually dehydrate you, so grab some lemon or cucumbers and get over it.  You need to drink half your body weight in ounces a day.  Your weight/2= oz.

6) Eating vegetables
I probably preach this one too much, but I don't care.  It is so important to eat a wide variety of vegetables at every meal.  FILL HALF YOUR PLATE WITH VEGETABLES.  Juice them.  Stick them in your smoothies.  Steam them.  Eat them raw.  I don't care, just put them in your system.  They are full of vitamins and phytochemicals that combat the free-radicals in your body, and makes your skin look clear, young, and happy.

So there you have it.  My 6 secrets to looking younger then your age.  Do you have any tricks or tips?? Id love to hear them! Comment below :)

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  1. I still do the aspirin mask ever since we did it together!! We need another spa night. SOON.