Thursday, January 23, 2014

Toned Up: My New Obsession!

I love to work out.  I also love to work out with people, and inspire them to keep pushing toward their goals.  I love to watch shows like the biggest loser, to get inspired, and to help keep me motivated when all I want to do is snuggle Ackles all day while eating chocolate covered raisins. I also have a deep passion for healthy food, and am endlessly fascinated by how those foods deliver our bodies such great fuel.

So when the Bravo TV network debuted its new show Toned Up featuring Karina and Katrina, a pair of best friends who film workout videos as well as create nutrition plans, I was instantly hooked! Watching the first couple episodes made me really see that a full time workout buddy was seriously lacking in my world.  Weather it be male or female, I am now in full charged mode to find a person to share inspiration, motivation, and workout equipment with!

You can read all about them, their company, and sign up for their email news letter at
My goal for the week is to complete their "love your body" series on youtube.  Here is the Abs routine, that I am most defiantly doing tonight (note, its less then 8 minutes long!), so who's with me???

I also was really intrigued by the protein powder they engineered themselves, which is 100% vegan! I went ahead and placed an order, because it is so hard to find delicious protein powder that is really good for you and also doesn't have any animal products.  I like that it only has 5 ingredients.  The simplest foods are the best foods!

You can also get some Here
Ill let you know if its truly as delicious as the reviews say :)

XOXO, Cristen

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  1. You weren't very motivating last week miss tired-pants! I had to run that WHOLE MILE all by my lonesome self. It's okay though. You saved yourself the pollution induced asthma, and I can't judge cause I never made it to the gym this week because I can barely even find the energy to make a decent lunch. I actually had pita chips for lunch today. I made up for it later with a huge Chipotle burrito. Not saying I'm not ashamed.

    Help me. I'm pregnant and f-ing useless to myself.

    On a brighter note: super excited to start doing these workouts with you! Cause I know you want me to be your workout super body buddy. (wink wink). I'm totally good for the next 6 months. After that it's pool activities ONLY.