Sunday, January 26, 2014

Perfect Fit Protein Powder

Yesterday I spent the majority of the day up in the mountains visiting my mom, brother, and sisters.  It was a great time, as always, and I ate WAY too much delicious and healthy food :) We got home about three hours later then I originally planned, and would be lying if I didn't admit that made me cranky.  I have been trying to change my sleep schedule to go to bed early, and wake up earlier.  The reason for this change is because I feel I am more productive in the AM hours.  My brain literally turns off after 8:00 at night.

Anyway, so when I stumbled through the door last night at nearly 11:00 pm, I discovered that while I had been gone, my Perfect Fit Protein Powder had arrived in the mail!!!! Instantly I was so excited!!! I thought it would take a least a week to arrive, and I have been dying to try it out.

This morning, I decided to make my first Perfect Fit smoothie! I blended a cup of frozen berries, one banana, a cup of unsweetened almond milk, about a cup of kale, and the protein powder (vanilla flavored) in the blender until extremely smooth.  I love how smoothies are so easy to make!

I was excited, but a bit nervous to taste it, I've never really liked protein powders because they can be quite offensive to the taste buds.  My first sip I noticed immediately that there was defiantly protein powder in the mix.  Upon my second sip, I decided that I didn't mind noticing it, in fact it was quite delicious.  Half way though the smoothie, I stop noticing it all together and started thinking about all the other things I could put the powder in!

You have to love that feeling you get when you know you are doing good by your body.  So many people worry about portion control, calories, and what foods they should avoid in order to get/stay slim.  When you only put good-for-you, nutritions foods into your system, you dont have to worry about much, and just get to enjoy the benefits of happy cells!

For those who are calorie conscious, I did a quick calculation and please note this smoothie is roughly about 220 calories.  I would recommend it as a good post-workout snack! I like to have two eggs and a half of avocado for breakfast pre-workout, and then a big late-lunch/early-dinner of fish and a ton of veggies!

Right now Tone It Up is selling sample packs for $7.00 each with free shipping! I strongly encourage everyone to purchase one, because this stuff is so seriously good for our bodies!!

XOXO, Cristen

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