Friday, January 17, 2014

Moving On

I fell in love two years ago with someone who apparently wasn't right for me. He was younger, by about 6 years, and although I had outgrown his current lifestyle, he and I discussed wanting the same things in life (big picture) so I decided to stick it out.  The chemistry was definitely there, and I loved his goofy personality. The problem was that after nearly two years, he still hadn't shown any sign of maturing, and somehow I became the nemisis of one of his gal pals. (To this day I have no idea why). He recently told me that he loves me, wants to be with me, but because his friend doesn't approve, it wasn't going to work out. I of course was/am devastated. If someone really loves you, why do they care what other people think?

So here I sit before you, trying to heal, and trying to move on. My friend Andrea downloaded this app on my phone a few nights ago that allows me to connect with local guys who are single and around my age. Instantly I got a lot of "matches" and felt flattered that so many people were interested. I started conversations with most of them and even booked a few dates. I have one today in fact.

The hurdle I'm trying to clear is that I'm still hurting over the heartbreak. Every time a guy asks me how can I possible still be single, I get angry at my Ex. How could he not have seen how wonderful I am? I was such a great girlfriend! 
So I'm stuck. Feeling overwhelmed with meeting new people while mourning the past. On one hand I'm not ready, but on the other it's Nessessary to move forward after a break up. 
I feel stuck :(

Xoxo, Cristen


  1. Time heals all wounds. Don't worry. You are like a yummy spaghetti sauce that just needs to simmer for awhile. Once you are ready, somebody is totally going to scoop you up and throw you on their plate of noodles. Throw in a little parmesan cheese, and your love life is going to be awesome.
    That sounds kinda naughty...
    Seriously though. Spaghetti.

  2. Well , everything happens for a reason and it happened that way . I'm sure there's somebody else even better than him waiting for you . Be the princess of the right prince , woohoo!

    1. Thank you so much for your support! It really means a lot :)