Friday, January 10, 2014

Hello Blog World!

I have literally spent most of the day trying to figure out how to write this first blog post.  I wasn't sure if I should introduce myself, or tell you a bit about where I come from, and why I've decided to start blogging again, but Id rather just jump right in! So here's the deal, I'm in my late twenties, I have a little boy and a cat, I have blogged before, many years ago, and have now decided to dedicate more life to writing and nourishing this little piece of internet I am claiming as my own! 

I am a dietetic student at Fresno State University, and I am in love with health and vegetables.  I love to work out, but I also love to waste days in bed.  I am currently single, and searching for my best friend... well the male version of my best friend.  I have many female best friends, who I adore, and three siblings who are my true loves.  I would generally say that I am a happy person, with a kind heart, and I try to make people smile every day.  I have a weak spot for animals, all animals (seriously, dont take me to a zoo unless you're ready to stay a while), and a celebrity crush on Jensen Ackles from Supernatural.  

So this blog is about life, my life.  A place where I can go to vent, inspire, teach, explain, and share.  So I hope you will stay, follow me, and get to know me, because I would very much like to get to know YOU! We can navigate this blog-o-shpere together :)

In other news: I bought cupcakes today!
I Love Cupcakes! Seriously they are my favorite desert... okay they are my favorite FOOD! Just to celebrate the launching of this blog :)

XOXO, Cristen

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  1. Ummm, I don't remember you bringing any cupcakes over...
    Or did you hide one in my cupboard??? Oh my gosh, I bet you did!! I'm going to go look for it right now. You sneaky person, you!!
    Glad to see you're up and running! Super excited!!