Sunday, August 24, 2014

Party Planning!

When I had Maddex on September 11, 2005, one of the sweet nurses (actually the only sweet nurse) I had told me that the fact that my and my sons birthdays were so close (mine is October 3) means good luck! Personality-wise I have to agree with her. Maddex and I get along very well! The only trouble is every year I have to plan an event for his birthday around the same time school starts, and there never seems to be enough time or energy to get it all worked out. Not without a major headache anyway. This year brings an added stress as I am turning 30! Not wanting to sit at home while beginning the new decade of my existence, I also needed to figure out where I want to cry into a box (I'm classy like that) of wine on my birthday.

Boom! My school starts, his school starts, his birthday hits, and then mine, all in a whirlwind one month period. It's an equation for stress. Normally I don't enjoy the presence of a lot of children. Jam hands and evil, unfiltered personalities not yet concealed by societies mask of manners; children scare the crap out of me. Ideally I like to celebrate with Maddex by letting him invite 1 or 2 friends to go do something fun. That way I can maintain control. This year is different. I can't take him anywhere too fun because my beautiful niece will be born right around that time, and my sister has forbid us to leave the city. So, in a brush of insanity, I decided it would be "fun" to throw Maddex an epic party at the house.

In Clovis it is law that if you invite one kid to a party you have to invite them all! So that is what we're going to do. Invite his whole class over for the most amazing Guardians Of The Galaxy themed party ever! I even bought a life sized cardboard cutout of Groot on amazon. I have a very talented girl sketching out a "baby Groot in his planter" cake, and there will be costumes! Maddex doesn't know yet, but it's going to be amazing fun. I may or may not be drinking heavily.

While riding the high of having a plan for Maddexs party, I also figured out what to do for my birthday! Bass Lake is located less then an hour from my house, and over the weekend of October 3, their rates are extremely low! So I booked a two story cottage right on the water for dirt cheap! That is where I will end my 20's and begin my 30's. I'm also bringing my 20 year old boyfriend (yeah, there are perks to dating a younger man ;) with me, because well, let's just say he's useful... And gorgeous. Super low key, very relaxing, and everything an introvert could hope for!
Birthday season: accomplished!

Question: what do you like to do on your birthday??


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  1. sounds like you and the kids will have a blast. My grandma's birthday was the 8th and my aunt's is the 5th of October. These last few years I haven't done much for my birthday. but, this year I will be turning 28. So hopefully I'll get to do something fun.