Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Today I share what I have been obsessed with lately:


Song: Lolita, by Lana Del Rey. She is such an amazing artist, and this jam is on repeat. Like, always.


Show: Modern Family! There are so many one liners in this show; it literally has me laughing out load. Random family members tend to wander into my room when it's on to see what all the commotion is. They don't get it, but this show is hilarious. It's also socially forward which I appreciate!


Clothes: Fabletics. I'm new to fabletics, and above is a picture of the first outfit I've purchased. I couldn't wait to receive it to inspect the quality, and when I did I was pleased to feel how soft it was! The quality is amazing, the prices are great; I will be a member of this company for life! Thanks Kate Hudson!


Apps: in order

1) Meal Board; lets me plan meals in advance and also imports recipes from a large handful of online resources. Some of my favorites are vegetarian times, all recipes, and skinny taste.

2) 7notes lets me convert hand written notes into type. Real time. Amazing!

3) Next issue! All the magazines I can read for only $10 a month? Yeah, for me, it's worth it! Plus you can download back issues which is great! Also, some magazines have built in tutorials! In some of my fitness magazines you can click on an image for a tutorial of how to do a certain move. Interactive reading is fun!

4) Blogsy. (I'm using it right now!) I can draft posts and drag pictures, links, and videos right from my side board. It really doesn't get any easier.

5) Noteshelf. Create journals, notebooks, and even sketchbooks with this app! It has all kinds of different paper styles, and is really user friendly. I use this for personal purposes.

6) Noteability: Probably the most important app of my college career; I can write hand written notes directly on documents imported from blackboard! I can also record lectures while taking notes. Where has this app been all of my life?!


Character: Groot. This is baby Groot, who is a growing version if full sized Groot. He is amazing that way :) if you haven't seen Guardians of the Galaxy yet, go do it now. That movie is hilarious!

Question: what are you obsessed with right now?



  1. That fabletics outfit is super cute and looks SO comfortable! I LOVE MODERN FAMILY.

  2. I need to try Fabletics. I love the clothes but I just haven't broken down and bought any yet. I'll have to try to Blogsy app too. I am obsessed with lana Del Rey. I seriously listen to her every single day.