Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Back to School Essentials

It's that time of year again! Time to gather all things organizational in hopes that this will finally be the semester you will get it together and focus on the learning rather then searching endlessly for last weeks notes! Usually the items that top my back to school list are notebooks and pencils, but this year is different:

1) iPad air! With apps that let you hand write class notes like traditional paper and pen (and even convert directly into type) gone are the days of retyping hand written notes! What a time saver! Also the convienince of having your online assignments, Word and PowerPoint documents, ebooks, as well as the internet all in one light weight device is priceless!  Now I won't have back pain trying to carry my computer to school everyday!  Seriously, this is the best purchase I've Ever made!


2)Backpack!! Although the load has lightened, you still need to carry around lunch! It's best to have a backpack so your purse doesn't get too heavy from all those sandwiches!  A Pencil pouch for stylus and chargers is also a must. 


3) Functional Outfits. I prefer yoga clothes from Aspire. As my age increases my ability to withstand scratchy, uncomfortable clothes decreases. I don't buy anything that isn't super soft! Aspire brand, accessible through my local sports authority, has especially soft articles. I highly recommend them!  When you're sitting through classes all day, or snuggled up in the library focusing on the learning, the last thing you want is to be uncomfortable. Bring the comfort of the bedroom with you!


4) Starbucks Gold Card. If you're still on Green Card status (how adorable) don't worry, you'll get there! A stocked Starbucks card is the all access pass to much the needed rocket fuel you will require throughout the semester. College is not the time to give up caffeine. Embrace the golden god, you get a free drink for ever 12 you buy. 

That's about it! Welcome to the age of technology! Going practically paperless saves so much time and muscle aches. Here's a question: what were your back to school essentials?? 


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  1. That backpack is SO YOU. I love it. And now I really think I need an iPad air.