Sunday, October 12, 2014

October Vlog: Currents

Today I am linking up with Faith from Life W/Mrs. G & the Artist for her monthly Vlog series, and the topic this month is Currentlies! So I stole my dear friend Juels from The Other Juliette to record this blog with me.  She is hilarious, and to have her "co-host" was the best decision Ive had in a very long time.  If you aren't already a follower of Juliette, I strongly urge you to check out her blog.  She is amazing, and I guarantee you will love her!  I hope you enjoy watching.

A couple books mentioned in this Vlog are:
1) Amy Falls Down by Jincy Willett
2) This One Is Mine by Maria Semple

Life w/ Mrs G & the Artist


  1. Great Vlog! Juliette is hilarious and I love her blog too. Those sounds like great books. I love Supernatural as well. Jensen Ackles is one of my favorite actors.

  2. I look like such a b-word in that screenshot. Come back I miss you.

  3. Love it!!!! Lol! And I love Juliette guys were cracking me up! Juliette and I watch {obsess over in my case} the same shows!! Cristen how are you not watching scandal??? Lol! I've never seen supernatural...don't hate me! :) thanks so much for linking up!

  4. I want to know how Juliette's hair ALWAYS looks so pretty and perfectly curly because, HOW?!?

    I'm also envying the joy this video is filled with because MY TURN!?!

    Also, books. I mean, so much good reading in the land. Did it take you a while to get used to Audible? I've never really tried them out but they'd make so much sense to listen to as I drive to and from work!

  5. Stopping by from the Golden Vlog link up... LOVE your collaboration Vlog here... You two have such a wonderful dynamic and it is no surprise you are friends!! It stinks that October is the hottest month for you in CA... I love fall and October is prob my fav month of all because the weather starts to get cooler, the leaves change color and all that goodness. Best of luck to Juliette in finding a job and to you Cristen as well when you finish school. I finished law school 4 years ago now and still have been unable to find a job as an attorney and right now all I want is a job with normal hours so I can actually spend time with my husband. But fingers crossed we will all get to where we want to be soon!! And one last thing, love that you ladies love margaritas! They are my favorite... and although it is only 11am here on the East Coast you ladies totally have me craving a margarita!

  6. This is so, so great! I love that you collaborated on this! Tacos and margaritas are amazing alone or together!

  7. nice